Medicaid for Kids

As a kid-friendly dentist in Grand Rapids, we treat young children and are the best place to bring your preschooler and elementary age child for their first checkup. We realize that a lot of parents don’t bring their child to the dentist until they are much older. This, however, is a mistake. Your child can develop cavities as young as their toddler years and visiting our kid-friendly dentist office, is one way to prevent them.

Searching for a Medicaid dental provider in Grand Rapids? Eastern Dental is a member of the Medicaid Program and accepts and provides dental services to Medicaid recipients. If you have Medicaid dental coverage for your children, ages 18 and under, please call or email our convenient SE Grand Rapids, Michigan location!

Our Medicaid dentists understand children and provide the highest quality dental care for families with Medicaid dental coverage. We are experienced and skilled, taking continuous dental education courses and advanced training to stay on top of the latest dental healthcare trends. Eastern Dental can be the Medicaid dental provider you trust for your family’s needs.

If you are looking for a dentist who accepts Medicaid in Grand Rapids Michigan, you've found them! At Eastern Dental, we welcome all children 18 and under with Medicaid dental benefits and give them the quality dental care they deserve. We want to be your family’s Medicaid dental provider in Grand Rapids so call us today at 616.988.3470 to make an appointment today!