What Happens with Preventative Dental Care for Kids

There are several steps that we take in our office with regards to preventative dental care for kids. We recommend that parents bring their children to our office at least twice a year. With bi-annual appointments, we can effectively help … Continued

Improve Your Child’s Oral Health with Tips from a “Kid’s Dentist Near Me”

If you are looking for a kid‘s dentist near me to help your child improve their oral health, call and schedule an appointment with our clinic. We are available to treat children all the way up to age 18 and … Continued

Summertime Routine Dental Care for Kids

Summer is in full swing and it is time to make an appointment for your children to have routine dental care for kids. We recommend that children visit our clinic twice a year for these routine visits. This is the best … Continued

Schedule a Dental Checkup for Kids When Wondering About Braces

There are many reasons to schedule a dental checkup for kids, including if you are wondering if your child should get braces. At some point in time, most parents will wonder whether braces are an appropriate solution. The question of timing is … Continued

Speak to Us About Pediatric Dental Care and Healthy Food Choices

Children in need of pediatric dental care need to visit our office for a dental examination. It is best to at least make regular dental visits twice a year for optimal results. It is possible for plaque and tartar to build … Continued

Dentistry for Kids: Helping Teens Make Healthy Choices

As a dentistry office for kids, we know that the older children get, the more they are out of the house and away from parents. This makes it important to help teens learn about oral health and make healthy choices that … Continued

Facts About Teeth and Dental Insurance, From a MI Child Dentist

Teeth are incredibly important for development. As an MI child dentist, we work to educate parents and children about their development and overall health. It is important for both children and parents to understand how teeth grow, develop and how to … Continued

Bring Your Child to a Medicaid Kids Dentist

Not every dentist is a Medicaid kids dentist, but we are. Each dentist has a right to determine what type of health insurance they are willing to accept or whether they will take insurance at all. At our office, we want … Continued

A Pediatric Dentist in Grand Rapids Suggests Ways to Prevent Dental Damage

As a pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids, we see a lot of youth come in with damaged teeth. Part of this is due to the sheer energy levels of children and their lack of fear, making it possible to jump … Continued

Tips for Finding a General Dentist Near Me Who Treats Children

For people who have recently moved into the neighborhood, one of the critical questions that they have to ask is "where can I find a general dentist near me?" This is important, especially if the person has not taken their … Continued