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Eliminating tooth decay is an important step for maintaining proper oral health. But often times, patients avoid having the cavity filled because it developed on a baby tooth that their child will eventually lose. Few realize that delaying the treatment process can compound dental complications, eventually leading to far more extensive treatment and out-of-pocket costs for parents.

At Eastern Dental, Dr. David Boone and our dedicated staff offer conservative and affordable options for pediatric fillings in Grand Rapids. If you are concerned about the cost of dental services and want a pediatric dentist that focuses on corrective treatment with minimal cost, call our office today to set up an appointment.

Why Does Your Child Need a Cavity Filled?

Tooth decay, often referred to as caries, occurs when specific types of bacteria produce acid that is harmful to tooth enamel and dentin. Parents become aware of decay when their child complains of toothaches or sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Eliminating the decay early in the process helps avoid more complicated corrective procedures and in severe cases, extraction.

Eliminating Caries

dental fillings in Grand Rapids MI

During a routine exam and cleaning, Dr. Boone can easily spot decay on the surface of the tooth with intraoral cameras and dental X-rays. Once the areas of decay are determined, our dentist will give you and your child a detailed explanation of the recommended course of treatment, as well as tips on how to prevent cavities in the future.

When a cavity is detected, Dr. Boone will thoroughly remove the decay, clean out the affected area, apply filling material to return structure and stability to the tooth. The sturdy filling material closes off the area of the tooth vulnerable to further decay.

Affordable Treatment Options

Our approach caters to our underserved communities so they can enjoy a healthy smile without financial burden. We use amalgam material to fill pediatric dental caries so each and every young patient at Eastern Dental can leave our office with a healthy smile without being left with a costly bill for the treatment.

The amalgam material is a mixture of zinc, copper, and mercury. In addition to being cost-effective, this mix of material provides the strength and stability needed for your tooth to return to proper function.

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When your child has a sensitive or painful tooth, it’s important to seek treatment early in the decay process. At Eastern Dental, our entire team is committed to providing affordable pediatric fillings in Grand Rapids. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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