Child Tooth Extractions in Grand Rapids

Our dentist Dr. David A. Boone takes every possible measure to save children’s natural teeth, but there are circumstances where extraction is necessary to preserve your oral health. At Eastern Dental, we provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan to improve their smile. Our Grand Rapids practice offers tooth extraction procedures to relieve patients of their discomfort and preserve surrounding natural teeth. When a patient does not seek professional help for prolonged decay or trauma, more serious issues develop.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Children's Tooth Extraction

Dr. Boone performs extractions on children when necessary to keep their oral health optimal. Tooth extraction is typically considered when a patient has a constant and severe toothache. While relieving infection or uncomfortable symptoms is our dentist’s goal, it is not always possible, which is why removing the compromised tooth and discussing a replacement may be the best option. Our Grand Rapids dental team is conservative when administering care. If there is no way to save a tooth, we inform the patient right away so they may have it extracted quickly. This proves to be best for the patient’s oral health, as they do not have to undergo ineffective treatments.

Our dentist performs teeth extractions in the following circumstances:

  • Primary teeth negatively affecting the eruption of permanent ones
  • To prevent crowding
  • Dental trauma
  • Impaction
  • Severe decay

In cases of severe decay, by extracting the tooth which contains the infection, it prevents the spread of bacteria from invading other healthy tissues. By removing future problematic teeth to avoid crowding or impaction, there is a reduced chance of your child’s smile becoming misaligned. Every step our dentist takes it to stop or keep oral health complications from occurring.

Tooth Extraction at Eastern Dental

Dr. Boone thoroughly examines the affected tooth and its adjacent supporting structures before recommending tooth extraction. He addresses any concerns or questions a patient may have to give them peace of mind regarding their treatment. Dr. Boone performs extraction procedures efficiently to provide a patient relief from oral health complications.

Even when tooth removal is necessary, our dental team lends a supportive hand to guide patients comfortably through the process. Our staff believes positive reinforcement is the best way to improve a patient’s outlook on dental care.

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If a tooth is negatively affecting your child’s oral health and comfort, contact our Grand Rapids dentist about tooth extractions. The sooner they receive care the less chance there is for further complications to develop. To learn more about extractions, contact our practice today!


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